What the clients Say!

I received this wonderful review from a client I am teaching at the moment. It is so nice to know that I am able to help them progress together

“Tina is a brilliant instructor.

She has recently been helping me with a sometimes difficult, green mare and has also helped me to back my youngster. She is a very reassuring presence, which has been hugely helpful for both challenges!

Tina is so knowledgeable that she is able to see things from the ground that you can barely see/feel yourself as a rider and knows when to push you both a little harder. She equips you with tools to continue your progress outside lessons according to your personal goals and also explains why she asks you to do things, rather than just telling you to do them.

She might explain things with some different analogies to what you are used to but they always make sense in context and, more importantly, they work!”

Written by Tilly Stephens