AJA ESTAREYNA was purchased from Alf Hallworth towards the end of 2007. Her breeding with 4 world champions in her blood speaks for itself, she is destined for success. Her sire is the very successful AJA SANAGOR a stallion with presence, charisma, correct conformation, athleticism and a great show record to match. AJA SANAGOR’s dam BEY SANTEYNA is an excellent broodmare producing the first yearling Triple Crown colt winner AJA SANGALI in European history. BEY SANTEYNA’S dam BEY TEYNA is a U.S. national champion mare, with her dam, TW FORTEYNA being US leading dam of champions for many years, producing U.S. National champions and 14 champions overall.

The sire of AJA SANAGOR, the great FS BENGALI, is by the World Champion and very influential Stallion KUBINEC***** bred at the Tersk state Stud.

AJA ESTAREYNA’s dam is the beautiful Gucci bred mare G ESTARREJA dam of champion show horses. Her sire is the world Champion CAMARGUE a sire line source to SKOWRONEK. G ESTARREJA’s dam is ESTASHA BINT MASRI, as a broodmare she was tremendous, and her offspring include EL MASRA (twice World Champion and 4 times European Champion).

AJA ESTAREYNA already a champion in-hand, was backed and lightly schooled over the winter of 2007.

Her debut ridden outing in the spring of 2008 resulted in a class win, and the reserve Novice Ridden Championship title as well as qualification for the British Arabian Championship show. Tina’s unfortunate accident in the May of 2008, where she broke her leg, meant that AJA ESTAREYNA’s showing season was cut short and she was unable to fulfil her full potential as a Novice Ridden Arabian Mare in 2008. AJA ESTAREYNA was put in foal to SHAMIL and the result is the beautiful colt foal AKLAH REMBRANDT.

2011 saw both the welcome return of Tina and AJA ESTAREYNA continuing where they left off in 2008. AJA ESTAREYNA was successfully produced under saddle as a novice mare in 2011 and 2012.

Some of AJA ESTAREYNA’s Results:


3rd Novice Ridden Mare National Championship Show
Reserve Novice Ridden Champion Northern “C” Show
1st Novice Ridden mares Northern “C” Show
Reserve Novice Ridden Champion Wales and West show
1st Novice Ridden mares Wales and West show
Reserve Novice Ridden Champion Northern Group Spring show
1st Novice Ridden mares Northern group spring show


Reserve Novice Ridden Champion Northern Arab Horse Spring Show
1st Novice Pure Ridden Mare Northern Arab Horse Spring Show (Qualified BAC)
only time shown under saddle

2003 – 2006

Many wins and championships while owned by Alf Hallworth.

Aja Estareyna is an excellent broodmare. Getting in foal first time every time, and being an easy fowler and very good mother. She has produced some wonderful stock. May be available to breed a foal to a stallion of your choice. Below are her offspring: