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My Horse puts her tongue over the bit!

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Question Posted by CG from South Yorkshire

My horse has been going well and is long lining but has started putting her tongue over the bit. She is currently in a neue schule starter bit and it cannot be lifted any higher to prevent her taking her tongue over it. Could you suggest a course of action to overcome this problem?


When the bit is set high, if she gets her tongue over the bit she cannot get it back by herself as it is fixed too tight. Normally, I would set the bit a little low, but not so low that it would catch on the front teeth. This does make it easier for her to get her tongue over, but also (more…)

Working a Young horse.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Question?          Posted by CS from Sussex

1) What type of work and how much work do you do with your 4 year old? 2) Do you take your 4 year old out to compete as much as possible and at what standard are they before doing their first dressage test or ridden show? 3) How do you keep your horse looking like a show horse in situations where you have to warm up in torrential rain?

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My Horse is Very Stressed!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Question?                        Posted by CS from Sussex

My 8 yr old gelding is very stressy. Done very limited dressage and 2 shows 2 years ago. Now seems to have got worse at shows, leaping and jumping and will not settle. He’s out as much as possible and fed happy hoof and lo cal. How can I get him to settle at dressage or shows without doing 2hrs to tire him out first? He’s also spooky and silly at home at the slightest thing. His back, teeth, tack etc all ok and checked. He is just highly strung yet also lazy. Will I always have to lunge for ages before a class to try and get some form of sensibleness? When settled he can do a nice Novice dressage test. Should I use a calmer? If so which one? Does he need to go to loads of shows/dressage just to warm up but not compete? Do not have my own transport so I cannot do much. Any thoughts /advice appreicated.

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Which Saddle?

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Question –

I am about to embark upon the purchase of a Saddle for my 15.2h Arabian gelding and was hoping that you could provide me with some advice on what things I should consider. I do a bit of everything with him but predominantly, hacking, preliminary dressage and some local ridden showing.

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