A little while

It is a little while since I last did a blog. I have been very busy living the high life, having a break in the sunshine. We flew out to Lanzarote, but we were not satisfied with sitting in the sun. A sailing holiday was the order of the day which was booked with Atlantic Sailing. I was enrolled on a course for competent crew and Andy was having a refresher for his Day Skipper.



Well it was a windy week! Too windy to go sailing the first day as it was blowing a gale force 8. As the week progressed we had some fantastic sailing, met some lovely people, ate some very nice food and we also saw areas of Lanzarote not on the normal tourist plan.

I now have a certificate for my RYA competent crew course. So if anybody is looking for a crew I am available 😂

Have a Go!

I have normally supported our local country shows over the years with entries in the horse sections. Always a good day out and we usually treat ourselves to a bacon butty.

This year because I have no horses to show I thought I would support the show by entering the photography section instead.

Well, it was a good day. I was not expecting the results, two firsts, 2 seconds and a third, and some lovely comments from the judge. The prize money was very much appreciated too, went towards a bacon butty!

Mmmm…Bacon Butty

All photos can be seen here

In At The Deep End

Well what can I say……

Danby Show held in the North Yorkshire Moors area is a show I have been attending for many years, usually to compete in horse classes. But since retiring from the professional horse world I thought I would do something a little different.

I entered some photographs into the competitions and arranged a day out with a friend, Nicky. Nicky decided to enter a lemon drizzle cake, her first time too.

Sheepdog trialSo on show day I took my two border collie dogs with me, Zena and Kay. My young dog EV Kay is in training to be a sheepdog and hopefully do some trialling.

We had a walk around the show ground and came across a stall Moorland Sticks. I spotted a sheep crook I liked and discovered it was made by Eric Brooks, a gentleman I had been talking to only a couple of weeks before to gain information on what to look for in a good stick! Eric Brooks has made and competed with sticks and crooks for many years, and was competing at the show also. So I bought the stick and wandered around the show field to get the feel for it and to see if it was the right length. It felt very natural so I was glad I did not have it shortened.

Back to the sheepdog trial field, I ¬†intended watching some of the dogs run in the sheepdog trials and watch to see if I could gain any knowledge or tips. There were not many entries to start, the field was quite small, not much bigger than my home training field. My friend Nicky encouraged me to enter and have a go, she paid the entry fee so I could not back out and I’m sure she did it for entertainment value. Not what I had prepared to do that day but nursery dogs were being accepted and there was another guy entering for the first time too. So what the heck….in at the deep end, my first ever dog trial, with my first dog, that I was training myself. Not one to take the easy route.

So entry done, nerves kicked in and I wondered what have I let myself in for…

Waiting for my turn seemed like an age. I walked onto the field, up to the Judge and explained it was my first time and it might not go to plan! He smiled nicely, asked me if I knew what I should be doing and told me to wait for the sheep to be put into place.

There I am at my post, new crook in hand and ready to go. Kay laid beside me on my sheepdog trialright. I sent her away and she ran wide up the field to behind the sheep, but then in my lack of experience I failed to control her soon enough to get a lie down. Her youngness and keenness meant she lifted the sheep on her own and put them into flight mode.

I managed to get her under control and proceeded to fetch the sheep down the field, but the line taken was more like a bumble bee in flight than the straight line it should have been. We managed to round the post – the right way, and off the sheep shot up the field again with Kay in hot pursuit. Kay just found it all too exciting and wanted to chase, so I called her off and decided to retire.

Not the best first start to my trailing career, but hopefully and Kay and I will improve.

Back to lessons I think!

On a final note the photography competition went well, 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a third out of 6 photos entered and Nicky’s lemon drizzle came a very good 3rd place from 13 entries.

All in all a good day out.

What the clients Say!

I received this wonderful review from a client I am teaching at the moment. It is so nice to know that I am able to help them progress together

“Tina is a brilliant instructor.

She has recently been helping me with a sometimes difficult, green mare and has also helped me to back my youngster. She is a very reassuring presence, which has been hugely helpful for both challenges!

Tina is so knowledgeable that she is able to see things from the ground that you can barely see/feel yourself as a rider and knows when to push you both a little harder. She equips you with tools to continue your progress outside lessons according to your personal goals and also explains why she asks you to do things, rather than just telling you to do them.

She might explain things with some different analogies to what you are used to but they always make sense in context and, more importantly, they work!”

Written by Tilly Stephens

What a day!

First blog of the newly updated website. I am here writing because I need to rest my ankle after the not quite so successful dog training.

Still trying to make the field dog proof, but Kay, being keen to work is managing to find ways in to visit the sheep. Not sure the sheep appreciate the visit.