What the clients Say!

I received this wonderful review from a client I am teaching at the moment. It is so nice to know that I am able to help them progress together

“Tina is a brilliant instructor.

She has recently been helping me with a sometimes difficult, green mare and has also helped me to back my youngster. She is a very reassuring presence, which has been hugely helpful for both challenges!

Tina is so knowledgeable that she is able to see things from the ground that you can barely see/feel yourself as a rider and knows when to push you both a little harder. She equips you with tools to continue your progress outside lessons according to your personal goals and also explains why she asks you to do things, rather than just telling you to do them.

She might explain things with some different analogies to what you are used to but they always make sense in context and, more importantly, they work!”

Written by Tilly Stephens

Training Continues in all weathers!

We are progressing well with the sheep dog training, albeit slowly, due to the inexperience of the handler. I’m sure EV Kay would manage better without me.

Kay Sheep dog herdingToday the weather is awful……I have Arabian horses from the desert out in the pouring rain eating grass, and I have Shetland and Ryeland sheep hiding in the horses field shelter. Nature is strange. A bucket of food was not enough to entice the sheep into the training ring. I tried to herd them myself to no avail, they just doubled back on me, back in the shed!

As Kays training was going so well I thought I would let her help me get them into the ring. No longer just a small circle but a larger area, so I can ask a bit more from her.

So with Kay on a long line, we pushed the sheep out of the shed, around the horses that had now come to see what we were up to, whereupon the sheep ran as fast as they could to the farthest point away. My ankle not being that good to walk on, let alone run, I took the decision to let Kay go and sent her “Away”. A marvellous out run, and that’s where it ended! Sheep scattered everywhere and pushed through to the next field. I really must get some stock fencing up instead of post and railing.

sheep RyelandsAfter quite a few chaotic minutes we finally got the sheep in the pen, more by good luck than good judgement. as Kay got a bit too excited,  with the sheep going every which way but the right way, in all that space.

As it continued to rain, pour and blow, water running down my coat, through my coat, and through my jeans until my knickers were soggy, I continued with Kays training. Dedication or stupidity I’m not sure which? Back in a controlled environment, Kay went wonderful! Suffice to say I think I will be looking to buy some water proofs!

What a day!

First blog of the newly updated website. I am here writing because I need to rest my ankle after the not quite so successful dog training.

Still trying to make the field dog proof, but Kay, being keen to work is managing to find ways in to visit the sheep. Not sure the sheep appreciate the visit.