AklahAklah is a centre of excellence, situated near Malton, surrounded by the Howardian Hills and the Yorkshire moors amid the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. Originally founded by Tina Bennett, and now owned by herself and her husband Andrew.

Tina started her career with horses in show jumping and eventing over 30 years ago. After being introduced to the Arabian horse, Tina then progressed to Arab racing as an owner/ trainer/ jockey as well as being the starters assistant.

Her love of the Arabian horse led her to produce horses as a full time business and thus “Aklah” – The versatile Arabian brand was born. Aklah Arabians offered professional services to back, school and train Arabians for the ridden show ring. As well as producing other breeds such as Thoroughbreds, Highlands and ponies, Tina also bred horses. Standing stallions and mares at stud, she developed an AI centre for collection and insemination.

IranTina is a member of the Arab Horse Society Judging, European DC and Steward Panels. Her wealth of experience within these fields have taken her on a journey to such places as Egypt and Iran, giving training courses and lectures to help establish Ridden Arabian Sport classes and a National Judges panel.

Now after over 30 years of experience in the equestrian industry, Tina has retired from producing professionally but is still available for freelance coaching or consultancy. Aklah Equestrian’s first class facilities include a 40m by 20m menage with silicon sand/rubber all weather surface, a 20m lunging circle with fibre sand/rubber all weather surface. These facilities can still be used as part of the services that Tina now offers.

Sheep dogWith more time available, Tina is now diversifying into other fields. Tina is hoping that her expertise and skills in the horse world will transfer into the dog training world as she attempts to train her young border collie ‘Kay’ to herd sheep. Tina and Andy have invested in a small flock of sheep that consist of 6 young Ryeland sheep and 7 young Shetland sheep which will help towards Kay’s training, and maybe even produce some lambs?

As a modern trend setter Tina has taken a positive choice to become a “slashie” or a multi-hyphenate self employed career. Mixing hobbies with business. Tina has been taking time out and is currently developing her photography skills.

Her portfolio career is now –
Equestrian Coach/Photographer/Dog trainer/Shepherdess

Tina welcomes all enquires and is always willing to discuss openly all of the services that she offers.