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Not Once But Twice!

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Champiaan out hacking

Champiaan out hacking

Champiaan was out this season for the second time doing some local dressage. His first outing had been a good start, with him settling well after having a look at the boards and getting used to working around other horses. Although a little tense he was obedient and was placed in the ribbons at his first event.

This week he went better for his rider Sarah Monkman. His first test Intro A, which is a walk trot test, was an improvement on the week before, not even looking at the dressage boards around the arena. His second test, his first Preliminary test involving canter work, was a happy and relaxed test to watch. His test results were 69% and an excellent 76% respectively culminating in two very well deserved red ribbons.

Proving Champiaan is a champion in the making.

We look forward to seeing  this rider horse combination’s ridden show debut.