The day started for us with the novice mare class with AJA ESTAREYNA. who produced us what is becoming a

Al Shahrani

Al Shahrani

consistant performance for the level she has attained so far this year, resulting in a very good 3rd place position.

The North Staffordshire Summer show had agreed to trial a points system for the Horse of the Year Show classes.

We duly entered Teresa Shewards open gelding AL SHAHRANI. There were two judges one to judge the ride and performance of the horse, the other to judge the type and conformation. The marks were split with a weighting towards the ride and performance.

AL SHAHRANI showed to be his ever consistant self and performed well, with good manners and performance. However, the judge did not agree and on initial line up placed him well down the line.

AL SHAHRANI gave the judge a nice ride and it was commented on when the judge returned him to the line up. He was then stripped and stood up in hand for his type and conformation mark. Once re-saddled we waited in line for the result and to keep the atmoshere and suspense the results were awarded in reverse order. We were pleased to find that AL SHAHRANI had redeemed himself pulling a very creditable 3rd place from a position so low initially.

On inspection of the results awarded, he attained a very good mark for his ride which is what gave him his final result along with high marks for type and conformation. I can only say the manners mark was where we were let down even though he appeared to be mannerly this is where the judge can use the mark as to whether the horse is their type of horse, afterall it is the judges choice on the day and it would be a boring world if we all liked the same!