Final Ridden Line Up

Ridden Line Up

We had the privilege and honour of hosting an Intermediate Judges Course for The Arab Horse Society, on the weekend of the 8th May 2011, at our training centre in North Yorkshire. The day started overcast and raining but as the day progressed, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared, the sun came out and by the end of the day it was a glorious spring day.

The candidates, of whom there were twelve for the in hand and one for the ridden, were jointly assessed by

Annette Dixon, Finn Guinness, Frances Atkinson and Kirsty Brown. A further eight back room staff were drafted in to support the assessors. Their duties included, managing the logistics of the horses, preparing the horses for the individual training and assessment sessions, riding the horses for the ridden assessment, handling the horses for the in hand sections, keeping the yard tidy, providing refreshments for the candidates, catering for the judges and all ran smoothly.

We hope that all the assessors and the candidates enjoyed their stay while they were with us and we would like to thank all those who gave their time to enable this event to take place. We believe these events are an integral part of ensuring the future of The Arab Horse Society and were pleased to be given the opportunity to give a little bit back. I would urge you all, paraphrasing Winston Churchill, “ask not what your society can do for you but ask what you can do for your society”. Without the work of previous Arab Horse Society committees and members, most of the shows in this country that we attend and compete at today would not exist. We therefore have a duty to support and help the present committee members to preserve and mould The Society for the future, enabling the next generation to enjoy what we have today.

In Hand Assessment

In Hand Assessment