Since I have been out of action for a while, AJA ESTAREYNA has been doing mothering duties, but now I am back in the saddle and raring to go.

‘Esta’ has been back in work for a couples of months now and we thought it was time for her to have a day out. It is always nice to take young or novice horses to dressage as it is very relaxed and not too much hustle and bustle.

All went well in the warm up, but when we went into the main arena there was some scary tyres and lights at the other side of the fence. Esta thought they were a larger monster going to eat her. After a patient judge gave me the chance to let her have a look she settled ready to start her test. She performed  well, although a little tense and managed to come away with 58% and a sixth place rosette for her first ever test, and the judges comment – “nice to see an arab doing dressage”

Some 30 minutes later and under a different judge Esta was due to do her first preliminary test, this one had canter! It was nice that she had relaxed enough not to be bothered by the scary lights and went on to perform a good test increasing her percentage to 68%, with the result of 2nd place and a lovely back handed compliment from the judge “A very dainty little horse and (dare I say it) a willing Arab Horse”!!

So it just goes to show that not all dressage judges are anti Arab!! We had a good day and look forward to the next.