Monty Roberts and Tina

Monty Roberts and Tina

I have always admired the work of Monty Roberts, since he first brought his teachings to this country in the 1980’s. Trying to make a better world for the horse and the way in which we train them.

As a trainer and producer of ridden Arabians, I have worked and started many young horses on their successful careers. I have used over the years many of the techniques discovered by Monty in my natural approach to working with horses, understanding their language such that the horse wants to learn.

When I heard of his lastest tour in the UK I thought I needed to fulfill one of my goals in life to see this wonderful man and experience  his teachings. So on 17th October I went to watch him perform his demonstrations at Myerscough College.

What an awe inspiring moment, no tricks or gimmicks, just years of experience of working with horses, and his philosphy is not ‘how great am I’ but how ‘you can do this too’ and make the world a better place for horses.

There is always more to learn, and if I can continue to learn and adapt and change to the needs of the horse such that the horse wants to learn and perform, then I will try and strive towards it.