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My Horse puts her tongue over the bit!

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Question Posted by CG from South Yorkshire

My horse has been going well and is long lining but has started putting her tongue over the bit. She is currently in a neue schule starter bit and it cannot be lifted any higher to prevent her taking her tongue over it. Could you suggest a course of action to overcome this problem?


When the bit is set high, if she gets her tongue over the bit she cannot get it back by herself as it is fixed too tight. Normally, I would set the bit a little low, but not so low that it would catch on the front teeth. This does make it easier for her to get her tongue over, but also (more…)

War Horse

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
War Horse

War Horse

Tina and I have just recently arrived back from a most enjoyable trip to the theatre in London, to see War Horse, a play based on a book written by Michael Morpurgo. The story for those not acquainted with it is told through the eyes of a horse called Joey, who is sold as a foal at auction and bought by Albert’s drunken father. The play goes on to demonstrate how a special bond is forged between Joey and Albert before his father in a drunken state sells him to the army to serve in the front line of the First Great World War. The story goes on to (more…)

For Sale

Monday, July 12th, 2010


Two young geldings bred and owned by Jane Kadri of Al Waha Stud, the breeder of top quality performance horses including IMAD and TOMAN both champion ridden Arab at The Horse of the Year Show, are now available for sale.

These young geldings have just been backed and are ready to start their ridden careers. They are a blank canvas and totally unspoilt. Both good to do with, have excellent conformation, and already proving themselves with three nice paces.



MIYAZ – 4 year old chestnut gelding, sired by DAAS (Imad x Dancing Queen) x MAMSHUKA (NBR Seykret Cache (US) x Mirath), has some excellent Crabbet breeding . This young horse should go on to perform in any discipline.

BISHR 4 year old grey gelding – NARIM RASB (Moment  x Nejnaia ) x BOGOTA (Gusar  x Barselona ), is very typey and correct with Arabian presence. BISHR is by the very successful racehorse NARIM RASB bred at Tersk Stud with an impeccable pedigree.

Horse of the Year Show Secured

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
Horse of the Year Show

Horse of the Year Show

It was with great relief to read in the most recent edition of the Arab Horse Society News, that the AHS council gave the HOYs committee the authority to negotiate a contract, which they have done and signed, that secures HOYs classes for the Pure Bred Arabians until 2013.

We at Aklah Arabians would like to thank the HOYs Committee for their hard work and the AHS for understanding the importance and prestige that the HOYs classes bring to the Arabian World. HOYs, bar none, is the biggest window in the UK outside of the Arabian World, where we can promote and demonstrate what a beautiful and elegant breed the Pure Bred Arabian horse is.

We must not however become complacent as the announcement clearly demonstrates that there is still plenty of hard work in front of us, to ensure that a platform is laid down that guarantees the breed is represented at HOYs well into the future. I therefore implore those of you who are as passionate as we are, in ensuring we have a long and prosperous involvement with HOYs, give your support and help to the HOYs committee, where you can.

See you at HOYs.