True Addiction Sold

June 13th, 2013 Author: Tina
TRUE ADDICTION North Staffs Spring Show

TRUE ADDICTION North Staffs Spring Show

We had planned to compete at Newark and Nottingham County Show, but we were lucky enough to be able to sell True Addiction to a wonderful home just south of London.

Because he went through his vetting, and we were due to deliver him just after the show, we choose to wrap him up in cotton wool until that date.

I took him down to his new owners, a lovely lady, who wants to do lots of hacking, and I am sure he will fulfil his career in that area, and her daughter who would like to do some showing. So watch out for him on the southern circuit!

I am sure he will be utterly spoilt and live the life of luxury, we wish them well in the future.

North Staffs Spring Show

June 8th, 2013 Author: Tina

The season started well at North Staffs Spring show. The venue had moved to Reaseeheath College. With all new facilities, a lovely airy indoor arena and large outdoor arenas. Stables were excellent quality, and the security and passport checking was second to none.

CHAMPIAAN was on his ridden debut showing outing with Read the rest of this entry »

Not Once But Twice!

April 12th, 2013 Author: Tina

Champiaan out hacking

Champiaan out hacking

Champiaan was out this season for the second time doing some local dressage. His first outing had been a good start, with him settling well after having a look at the boards and getting used to working around other horses. Although a little tense he was obedient and was placed in the ribbons at his first event.

This week he went better for his rider Sarah Monkman. His first test Intro A, which is a walk trot test, was an improvement on the week before, not even looking at the dressage boards around the arena. His second test, his first Preliminary test involving canter work, was a happy and relaxed test to watch. His test results were 69% and an excellent 76% respectively culminating in two very well deserved red ribbons.

Proving Champiaan is a champion in the making.

We look forward to seeing  this rider horse combination’s ridden show debut.

Getting Ready for the Season

February 28th, 2013 Author: Tina

Well it has been a while since I last updated this website, but I am hoping to get back on track again this year and keep you up to date with how we get on throughout the show season.
As you all know this has not been the best time for showing over the last 18 months with the horrendous weather and cancellation of shows making it difficult to produce horses for the show ring.
We have managed to tick away over winter and keep the horses working on a light regime, and now as the show season draws closer we are planning our outings with the horses we will be showing under saddle this year.
To help get them ready we have just started going out to some local dressage, and the results were very pleasing.
Aja Estareyna, two classes entered, two wins with an average of 68% in her tests. Champiaan, ridden by Sarah on his first outing, settled well and managed to acquire a third place rosette. However, True Addiction found it all a bit exciting going out, like a kiddy in a sweety shop and just had too much energy to settle, but still managed a 5th placing after working really hard.

Another dressage outing planned soon!

Stafford Spring Show 2012

May 14th, 2012 Author: Andy
True Addiction NGSS 2012

True Addiction Stafford Spring Show 2012

The first show of the season officially marks the close of winter, though it didn’t feel like winter was over at the Stafford Spring Show. We had travelled the evening before to the show and apart from the petrol station, were we usually fill up at, not having any diesel the journey was uneventful. This is just what you want when travelling with animals.

We took three horses with us Stormlite Royal a novice stallion owned by Alan and Teresa Sheward, for his first ever ridden outing, Aja Estareyna a novice mare and True Addiction an open gelding. All the horses had worked in really well the evening before and we were looking forward to the show the following day with confidence. The sense of optimism we had felt the evening before quickly evaporated the next morning , when it became apparent that the horses were more excited about the first outing of the season, than a small child waking up and running down the stairs on Christmas day, to see if Father Christmas had been. All the smooth relaxed work that had been evident the evening before had evaporated resulting in Tina having to work all the horses, to the point where they were listening again.

Aja Estareyna was first on and went smoothly, but she was slightly unsettled in her head and was pulled a credible 3rd on the ride around. She looked to give the judge a good ride but again was slightly unsettled in her head but retained her 3rd placing.

Stormlite Royal was up next and it was evident that the occasion had over awed him and was easily distracted by what was going on around him. This is expected on a first outing, but on a positive note he did nothing majorly wrong, which stallions can do on these occasions. This is a first step on a long journey towards becoming an accomplished open ridden stallion and everyone involved was more than pleased with the 4th place he was awarded.

After the novice classes it was True Addiction’s turn and he looked to be going well in the collecting ring until an unfortunate event unsettled him. Tina had her work cut out from this point onwards to regain his attention which she successfully did. He got a 1st place pull on the ride around, which she retained after the judge rode him. “As usual” said Tina “the weekend has been like a roller coaster. High one moment and down the next, but all in all the horses have performed to their capabilities and the Red rossete with True Addiction was the icing on the cake.”