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As a modern trend setter Tina Bennett has taken a positive choice to become a “slashie” or a multi-hyphenate self employed career. Mixing hobbies with business.
Her portfolio career is now –
Equestrian Coach/Photographer/Dog trainer/Shepherdess


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Tina Bennett – Freelance Coach for Horse and Rider

A professional producer of Ridden Arabian Horses with over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the backing, schooling and training of horses including Eventers, Show-jumpers, Thoroughbreds, Show Ponies and Highlands.

I have over many years started, backed and schooled numerous young horses from all breeds, but especially Arabian Horses. Some of these horses have gone on to be top class performance horses. I believe this is the most important phase in the life of a young horse and is therefore imperative that this process is a pleasant experience for the horse, done correctly, with no shortcuts.

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Have a Go!

I have normally supported our local country shows over the years with entries in the horse sections. Always a good day out and we usually treat ourselves to a bacon butty. This year because I have no horses to show I thought I would support the show by entering the photography section instead. Well, it …

What the clients Say!

I received this wonderful review from a client I am teaching at the moment. It is so nice to know that I am able to help them progress together “Tina is a brilliant instructor. She has recently been helping me with a sometimes difficult, green mare and has also helped me to back my youngster. …


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